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Message form the Conference Chair

Nagasaki University has set up a committee for hosting the 59th Annual Conference of the Japan Association for African Studies (JAAS) scheduled to be held in Nagasaki. Beginning in early 2020, many national and international conferences are now being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and opportunities for face-to-face meetings have been lost. By what method the 59th conference will be held has not been decided yet.

Nagasaki University has hosted the African Studies Conference twice in the past: the 25th conference in 1988 with Prof. Eisei Itakura as the organizing committee chair, with 45 research presentations, and the 44th conference in 2007 with Prof. Kan Toriyama as the organizing committee chair, with over 120 presentations. I was the Secretary-General of the conference in 2007, and even after 14 years, I remain profoundly grateful that almost half of the members of the JAAS came to Nagasaki.

It is a strange coincidence that Nagasaki University has agreed to host the conference when the COVID-19 is spreading quickly around the world. Nagasaki University is home to the world-renowned Institute of Tropical Medicine, also known as NEKKEN, which has been involved in medical activities and research on infectious diseases in Africa, as seen in the movie "The Lion Standing in the Wind." In terms of education, the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health has been nurturing future leaders who will solve complex issues concerning global health, tropical infectious diseases, and public health.

It will be a little while before we can decide whether the conference will be held in Nagasaki or online. We plan to send out the first circular in December and accept applications for presentations and participation in January. I would like to ask all the members of the society to consider participating and presenting in the conference in any way you can. If possible, we would like to share the joy of our reunion with you after several years.

October 2021

Ken Masuda
Conference Chair of the 59th JAAS Annual Conference
School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki University




May 21 & 22, 2022